Welcome to the Prather Ranch – located under the shadow of the majestic Mt. Shasta in Northern California. Prather Ranch is a sustainable, 30,000-acre cattle, hay and farming operation situated in the pristine region where the air and water are pure. The ranch’s reputation has been recognized nationally for its progressive and sustainable ranching philosophy and the establishment of a superior branded beef product.

Prather Ranch is best known for its premium dry-aged natural beef program. The philosophy that drives this operation is “a deep understanding of the importance of low stress cattle handling, responsible stewardship of the land and a desire to provide a stable and satisfying life for those who work on the ranch.” This creates a “win-win-win” situation – the cattle live in an ideal environment, the ranch practices ecologically progressive and sustainable farming and ranching methods, and the customers are guaranteed they are receiving the most wholesome, sustainably raised beef available.

One of the most unique aspects of the ranch is its “Closed Herd” status as part of the standard operating procedures for the beef and pharmaceutical/bio-medical device bovine raw material side of the business. The beef is hand-cut in the state-of-the-art USDA federally inspected abattoir located on the ranch. Prather Ranch is committed to the most natural way to raise wholesome beef for customers; the ranch does not administer growth-stimulating hormones or feed antibiotics. The animals are raised on certified organic pastures. No animal sourced proteins are fed to the cattle at the Prather Ranch to ensure a safe and pure product for customers. Computer based detailed records are kept on each individual animal and they are individually tracked through their entire life span.

Of the utmost importance is the certification by Humane Farm Animal Care. This certification ensures low stress cattle handling, provides open pastures and expansive grazing land to reinforce natural animal behaviors. The ranch follows a respectful and humane harvest process to ensure the highest quality of life for the cattle.

Again, welcome! Please take a look at the ranch, the cattle and the people that call Prather Ranch home.

Released: 5/10/12 (News Item)