Prather Ranch offers a premium beef product by dry-aging its beef. With the extensive background and experience the Rickerts have in the beef processing business, they have implemented this age-old practice that has been discontinued by the large processing facilities of today.

The Prather Ranch processing facility has adequate storage to hang its beef for at least 14-21 days. It is estimated that up to 20% of shrinkage and trimming can occur when dry-aging beef, which translates into a more costly approach to producing a superb piece of meat for consumption.

The aging process not only makes beef more tender, but concentrates the flavor of the meat, which results in the ultimate eating experience. This process allows the muscle fibers to relax and the juices of the meat to be absorbed into the meat, enhancing the flavor and tenderizing the meat. As the beef hangs in the cooler, a crust can form on the outside of the carcass. When packaging occurs, this layer is trimmed off, resulting in a fresh, delicious product for beef connoisseurs.